London Underground cleaners are on the frontline against Covid-19, keeping the Tube as clean and safe as possible.

London Underground's cleaning contractor, ABM, pays them just £10.75 per hour. At the beginning of the pandemic, the RMT union won an agreement from TfL and ABM to pay cleaners at their full shift rate during sickness and self-isolation. But ABM has now withdrawn this, leaving cleaners receiving only Statutory Sick Pay (£95.85 per week) when off sick. No-one can live on that!

Cleaners must now choose between following public health advice and impoverishment - a situation that puts us all - London underground workers and passengers - at risk!


Tube passengers

> Write to Sadiq Khan and ABM: [email protected] - [email protected] - demand that they support Tube cleaners and keep us all safe!

> Tweet @MayorofLondon, @TfL, @ABM_UK. Tag @C19SafeandEqual, @RMTLondon.

Tube workers

> Join your union. The RMT union organises cleaners across TfL, and is demanding full sickness and isolation pay.

> Or ring 0800 376 3706 to join

> Speak to your union reps and get involved in RMT's campaign to bring cleaners in-house. No matter what your job, having cleaners without sick pay puts you at risk!

All workers

Know your rights: All workers have the legal right to refuse unsafe work if you or others are in serious and imminent danger. More info:

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